Report on High-Performance Textiles

Department of Fashion and Textiles


Name of the Department

 Fashion & Textiles

Name of the Activity

Webinar (Guest Lecture)


22nd October 2021


Online platform (Zoom)

Topic on which activity was organized

High-Performance Textiles

No. of Participants/Beneficiaries:

60 students of MA/M.Sc./M.Com ,B.Sc. Fashion Design and Research Scholars



Objective of the webinar:

The webinar threw light on a topic related to high-performance textiles, and the aim was to create awareness amongst the participants regarding the importance of high-performance textiles in our life.

Summary/Description: The Department of Fashion & Textiles is organized a webinar on “High-Performance Textiles” on 22nd October 2021, at 2:00 pm. The speaker of the webinar was Dr. Pratima Goyal, HOD & Professor, Dept. of Textile and Fashion Technology, College of Home Science Nirmala Niketan, Mumbai. She shared her knowledge and expertise with the participants on online, Zoom platform. The webinar was attended by UG students, PG students, Research Scholars, and Faculty members of the Fashion & Textiles department.


Prof. Pratibha mainly focused on the different types of high-performance fibers such as Carbon, Aramid, Kelvar, and other polymers fibers. She discussed the application of such fabrics in reducing the soldier's load, protection against biochemical hazards, bio-medical, civil engineering, electronic product, thermal shielding, aerospace, ballistic protection, sports equipment, etc. because of its high strength, temperature stability, dye ability, adhesion, conductivity, Flame retardancy, response to external stimuli (produced from specialty polymers), and special surface characteristics

She also elaborated upon high-performance polyethylene fiber which is produced by gel spinning. It has high abrasion resistance, good cut, and puncture resistance so that High-performance polyethylene fibers are found in a wide variety of commercial and defense applications today. She has also highlighted assessment characteristics of HPT as it is stronger, lighter, faster, smarter, and safer.

Participants actively participated and discussed their queries with experts.

Overall the session was very fruitful and informative for the students.

 Outcome of the webinar

The participants were updated on new developments in the field of high-performance fabrics and its applications. These fibers have the potential in future for the solutions of high-tech products of today and tomorrow.

Dr. Radha Kashyap

Head, Dept. of Fashion & Textiles




                                                        Ms. Poorvi Agarwal

                                                         Dr. Vipin Kumari

Teacher Coordinator