Saree Styling Competition on National Handlooms Day

Name of the Department: Fashion & Textiles

Name of the Activity:  Saree Styling Competition (National Handloom’s Day Celebration)

Date: 7th August 2023

Venue:   Clothing Lab

No. of Participants:  22 students (B.Sc FD, BBA, B.Sc (H), M.Com, B.Com Atg, BA-B.Ed)

Objective of the activity (workshop): The objective of the “Saree Styling Competition” on National Handloom’s Day was to promote appreciation for handloom fabrics, encourage creative expression in fashion, develop practical skills in saree draping, foster cultural awareness through diverse textiles, integrate academic knowledge with real world application, boost participant’s confidence and presentation skills, celebrate significance of Handloom’s Day and offer a platform for students to showcase their talents within the realm of fashion and design.


 On the occasion of National Handloom's Day, a captivating "Saree Styling Competition" was organized by the Department of Fashion & textiles. The event was organized by the department to celebrate the rich heritage of handloom fabrics and encourage creative expression among its students. The competition was open to all students within the university and showcased the intricate art of draping sarees.

There was enthusiastic participation from 11 teams, each consisting of 2 students. The teams came from various disciplines, all united by their passion for fashion and creativity. The main highlight of the competition was the exclusive use of handloom fabric sarees from different regions of the country, exemplifying the diversity and craftsmanship of Indian textiles.

Dr. Manisha Patni, Head of the Department of Chemistry, and Dr. Nalini Totuka, Head of the Department of Home Science, graced the event as the judges. Their presence added a distinguished touch to the competition and emphasized the significance of traditional craftsmanship in today's world.

The students showcased their ingenuity and innovative approach to saree draping styles. Their designs ranged from traditional to contemporary, reflecting a fusion of cultural and modern influences. The judges were astounded by the level of creativity and the flawless execution of each team's interpretation of saree styling.

The results of the competition were a testimony to the hard work and dedication put in by the participating teams. The winners were as follows:

First Position: Bhavika Jain and Ambika Verma, B.Sc Fashion Design, Semester III,

Second Position: Mansha Jain and Vidhi Khandelwal, B.Sc Fashion Design, Semester V,

Third Position: Aura Virmani and Astha Garg, BBA, Semester I,

Additionally, a special mention goes to Kanishka Vats, B.Sc (H) Semester I and Jigisha Soni,BA B.Ed Semester I,  who secured the title of "First Runner-Up".The event succeeded in celebrating both the beauty of handloom fabrics and the creativity of the university's students. It provided a platform for budding fashion enthusiasts to showcase their skills and innovative thinking, ultimately contributing to the promotion and preservation of traditional handloom techniques in the realm of fashion.

Activity Outcome:

The "Saree Styling Competition" celebrated National Handloom's Day with a profound impact. Students engaged in exploring India's cultural diversity using handloom fabric sarees from various regions, fostering appreciation for traditional craftsmanship. This competition empowered participants to creatively experiment with saree draping techniques, blending tradition with modernity. Collaborating in pairs highlighted teamwork, effective communication, and presentation skills, as each team showcased their styled sarees to judges and an audience. The event emphasized attention to detail, time management, and critical feedback, refining participants' skills. Practical application of textile knowledge and understanding diverse preferences enhanced their fashion acumen. This competition was a remarkable tribute to Handloom's Day, leaving an indelible mark on all involved.