Session on “Awareness on IBM Digital Learning”

School of Design

Name of the Department: Fashion & Textiles

Name of the Activity: Session on “Awareness on IBM Digital Learning”

Date:  15 March 2024

Venue: Ojas Hall

Topic on which activity was organized: IBM Digital learning

No. of Participants: 19 (B.Sc fashion Design-Sem IV and M.A./M.Sc/ M.Com. Fashion Design Sem II)

Objective of the activity (workshop/seminar/activity/Visit) – Develop awareness about digital learning with IBM Skill build.


The Department of Fashion & Textiles organized a session in collaboration with Connect Signal on "Awareness on IBM Digital Learning " on March 15, 2024, at Ojas Hall, which proved to be an enlightening and engaging session for the students. The resource persons, Mr. Mukesh Ladna, Senior Associate, CSR and Skill IBM, Jaipur., who shared his expertise and insights on the various digital leaning platform available on IBM skill build and CV writing for employability. 

Mr. Mukesh Ladna started the session in which he introduced students with IBM Skillbuild and its benefits for the students in digital learning. He explained that SkillBuild digital learning offers free online courses on various technology related topics such as Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics, Cyber Security, UNIX, Full Stack Web Development, along with other soft skills necessary for employability. To help expand accessibility, IBM started SkillBuild, an online learning platform that offers free online courses designed for students between age group of 13-19 and adult learners over 18 years. Skillbuild is a free platform where students can take maximum benefits to create out of it.

Mr. Mukesh Ladna told that beyond technical skills, the platform's course catalog also offers broader professional skills such as design thinkingjob readiness, and even mindfulness, as well as a recently launched collaboration with Adobe to teach students visual design skills. He explained that the course materials are comprised of different sections that students can explore at their own pace. They contain a mix of short videos (with written transcripts available), images, explanations, and activities. 

Students who complete a learning pathway earn digital badges, which they can add to their resume, college applications, or LinkedIn profile. Some of the learning pathways are specifically for educators or community leaders, and some offer language options such as Spanish, French, Brazilian Portuguese, Italian, Korean, Polish, and Turkish.

Further he demonstrated to the students to how to register on online IBM skillbuild platform through which the students can enrolled for various certificate courses and internship programs. Followed by this Mr. Mukesh Ladna also provided insightful knowledge to the students to enhance their CV writing skills and to update it time to time on the platform.

Outcome of the activity:  

After completion of Project Based Learning through skill build, it facilitates job opportunities for the students and they can avail various online courses from the field of fashion design. 

The session was helpful as the digital learning continues to revolutionize education, offering flexible and interactive learning experience. The session provided valuable insights as it serves as a valuable learning experience and preparation towards the digital world, which helps in their career building.


Dr. Sulekha Ojha              Dr. Aman deep kaur              

Head, Dept. of Fashion & Textiles              Coordinator