Workshop: Traditional Techniques of Bandhani

Name of the Department: Fashion & Textiles

Name of the Activity: Workshop on Traditional Techniques of Bandhani

Date:  6th & 7th February, 2023

Venue: A401 & A502

Topic on which activity was organized: “Traditional Techniques of Bandhani”

No. of Participants: Approximately 45 Students (B.Sc Fashion Design-Sem II & IV and VI , M.Sc Fashion Design-Sem II & IV & COSD)

Objective of the activity (workshop): The main objective of the workshop was to make students understand about “Traditional Technique of Bandhani”.

Description: The Department of Fashion & Textiles had organised two days’ workshop on Traditional Technique of Bandhani  in collaboration with Connect Signal.

This workshop was conducted to introduce students to the world of tie and dye art and to give them the idea about the different types of tying and dying techniques to obtain the patterns that are trending in the market now.

The resource person of the workshop was Mr. Arvind Sharma. During this workshop he gave demonstration on various techniques of Tie and Dye like bandhani, Ikkat, Shibori and many other patterns. After learning the technique the students created Kurtas, Dupattas,  Sarees, T-shirts, Shirts, Kaftans, Skirts.

The products created by the students were displayed in Clothing Lab and their work was appreciated by the Faculty members.                                                  

Outcome of the activity:

Students got to learn about the traditional method of Bandhani and got an opportunity to display their products which motivated them to produce garments with traditional technique of Bandhani.